The Australian Aviation Associations Forum is an alliance of the majority of Australia’s major aviation associations to ensure the industry presents a united voice to government on key aviation issues and policy, characterised by expertise and a wide representation of people and organisations committed to aviation. The Forum participants represent the significant majority of aviation operators, aircraft owners, service providers, supporters and participants. The Forum has been operating successfully since 2008.

Reforming Flight Training

The current CASA pilot licencing and training regulations (CASR Parts 61, 141, 142) impose undue complexity and cost on the aviation industry that will lead to a significant reduction in training capacity

Revitalising General Aviation in Australia

A series of issues have led to the decline of the general aviation industry in Australia. They are:
• Overly prescriptive regulation impacting on flying and maintenance operations
• A lack of focus on the general aviation […]

Engineering and Training for the Australia Aviation Industry

Australia has international treaty obligations to ensure our suite of aviation regulations is compliant with regulations issued by the International Civil Aviation Organisation. Australian Aircraft can only be maintained by suitably qualified and experienced Licenced Aircraft Maintenance […]